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Crew interviews will take place on Friday, October 3rd, between 6 and 9pm.
Please contact either Stefanie or Whitney to make an appoitment.

The ideal crew size for "Fresh" will be small and intimate. Each member should be concentrating on their assigned tasks throughout production, and we aim to reduce the infamous "sitting around, completely bored and feeling useless time". Though a few positions call for experience, this is a STUDENT FILM and therefore it is a means of gaining experience. Everyone will learn something from the project and anyone can attend the interviews.

Please come to the interview with an idea of what position you would like to take on, and how you feel you can contribute to the production. Follow the "crew" link on the left to get an idea of what positions we're looking to fill, and do some research on them and what they entail if necessary.

Please bring a resume if available.
* Don't have one?
* Do you have one, but does it lack previous production experience?
** DON'T FRET! Write out any experience(s) you have had and outline some personality traits that might benefit the production. We want to help you learn (you can't learn without experience), and remember, we're learning too! **

***Please make sure you are available the week of production (see "schedule" link on left). ***

Interview Schedule

6:30 ~ Jessica Choquette
7:30 ~ Marvyn Teo