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The Script
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 "Fresh" was written for Pierre Desir's A period Film 2 class (MA401A) in Fall of 2003. It was choosen from seven pitched concepts in the class to become one of four productions.

 This script has been modified to fit the website.

The original script is 6 pages long.




A screenplay by Whitney Lauritsen

September 2003



               HEATHER (V.O.)

          Let's play pretend...



Several pictures of THE COUPLE are shown and then

instantly torn up by unknown hands. Each picture

displays The Couple as entirely different characters:

gothic, punk, suit and tie, retro, etc.






A row of pictures of The Couple are on a wall in the

bedroom; they are dressed wholesome and clean-cut,

and smiling. It is obvious The Couple are very happy

together. A digital clock reads 3:21am.  The Couple,

HEATHER and Ché, are sleeping in bed. Ché wakes up

and looks over at Heather. He gets out of bed and

picks up his camera. He walks around the bed,

looking through the lens a few  times, then takes a

picture of her. Heather wakes up from the flash.




(in a southern accent)

What are you doing?




(southern accent)

Taking your picture. But now

that your up...



 Ché puts the camera down, gets back into bed and kisses her.




While I was sleeping? I must

have looked revolting.




Quite the opposite actually.

(beat) I've heard that you know

you're in love with someone when

you can watch  her  sleep forever.




Yeah? But what use would I be

if I slept forever?



That's what the picture's for




They start to kiss. The sun rises and sets on another

happy picture of the two.






4:25am. Ché and Heather are sleeping. Heather opens her

eyes and turns over to look at Ché. She kisses him

lightly on the forehead and runs her fingers through

his hair. Then she kisses him on the lips, hoping that

he will awake, but he does not. She notices his camera

on the bedside table behind him and gets out of bed to

pick it up. Remembering what happened the night before,

she takes a picture, but he does not awake. She smiles,

slightly disappointed, and then climbs back into bed,

snuggling up next to him.





11:29am. Heather wakes up and Ché is still sleeping.




Ché. Ché. Ché sweety it's 11:30. Ché?



Heather moves Ché, but he does not wake. She begins to

shake him, and then realizes that he is dead.




(no accent)

He's gone.






Heather is apathetically tearing up and throwing away

the before-seen pictures of her and Ché.



 Ché (V.O.)

(no accent)

What's next?



Heather picks up a shirt of Ché's, with a name tag

pinned on the breast, and as she folds it she see's

Ché's camera underneath. There are a few pictures left,

and she uses the remainder of the film taking snapshots

of herself.






Heather walks up to the photo developing counter. A boy

wearing a name tag that reads AIDYN comes out from the

back of the lab. Hes a spitting image of Ché, but is

clad in trendy clothing, a baseball hat, and has no accent.




Picking up?




(no southern accent)




Heather searches her pockets for the pick-up slip. She

looks up to see that the developed pictures are already on

the counter.




You need to fire this photographer.








These pictures don't do you justice.




You looked through my pictures? Doesn't this store have some sort of privacy policy?



Aidyn stares at her, smiling slightly. Heather picks up

the pictures and flips through them. She picks out the

photos of Ché and herself sleeping.




How much?




Don't worry about it.




How much?




No really, it's on me.



Heather turns and walks away from the counter.




Do you have any sort of

significant other?



 Heather keeps walking.




Would you let me take pictures

of you?



Heather has flashbacks of Ché taking pictures of her.

She turns around and faces Aidyn.




Fine. (beat) I guess you can

keep these then.



Heather carelessly throws him the pictures, except for

the two of her and Ché. Aidyn catches them and rips

them up, smiling.






Aidyn is taking (very sexual) pictures of Heather on her

bed. Heather is getting into it. Aidyn puts down the camera

and leans in to kiss her, but Heather slides off the bed

before he can.




You know what I want you to do?

I going to go to bed now, but I

want you to stay up and wait until

I'm sound asleep, then take my picture.




What if I don't want you to go

to sleep now?



 Aidyn leans in to kiss her, and she pushes him away.




You can wake me up after.




(beat) Sure.



Heather smiles and gets back into bed. She arranges

herself identically to her position in the picture Ché

took, and falls asleep. The clock changes from 5:29 to

6:20am. Aidyn, half asleep, takes her picture. He makes

several attempts to awake Heather, but she remains

unconscious. Feeling nervous, he leaves the room. As he

grabs his jacket, slung over a chair, he knocks over

Heather's purse, and out spill several empty pill

bottles. He moves cautiously and exits out the door.






Aidyn closes the door behind him. His cell phone rings.




What's next?



Aidyn smiles.



                                                       CUT TO:



There are more pictures of The Couple as all new

characters, smirking mischievously.




Let's play pretend, so we can

keep it fresh.



Fade out on a picture of Aidyn sleeping.